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January 4, 2013
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Zuko x Reader for DarknessOnMyEyes

Always, from a yound age, I was Zuko's Servant. he was the next in line to rule the Fire Nation...until that day.


I was standing next to the bedside table that occupied the room, removing all the dust that had slowly gathered on top. I slowly stopped to look at a painting hanging on a wall, it's frame was rather dusty, I need to add that to my list to sort out, it was alomost starting to lose its pure shine. The painting itself was a rather painfully memory to all who looked at it, it was of Zuko's mother who was holding both him and his sister, Azula. It was a beautiful painting and yet it was also horrible, as it was painted a couple of weeks before her deat-. I soon was bought out of my thought by a large slam of the bedroom door, causing the room to shake. Zuko was standing at the door with the most scariest face I have ever seen before.

"Z-Zuko? I thought that you were suppost to be in a meeting with your fath-" I was soon cut of by his slight shaky but mostly hateful voice.

"Prepare me some fighting clothes (name)"

All I could do is obey, afterall he is my master. I quickly ran off towards his collection of many clothes. I started rumaging through various material, from cotton to silk, it all dancing though my hands until I reached what I was searching for. I held up the clothes towards the light to check for any creases or rips, lucky it was free of them. I ran back to Zuko, placing the clothes neatly on the bed.

"Anything else?" I almost whisper due to the shock of his arrival.

He started to take of his shirt, causing me to blush wildly.

"That will be all for now, (name)"

With this I decided to leave, so that the Prince could have his privacy.

"Oh, yeah (name!)"

"Yes?" I replied calmly, trying to ignore his half nakedness.

"Meet me in the field later, I have something to tell you." He smiled a genuine smile at me, before I exited. That is the first time he has smiled since his mother passed away. Yet I didn't know what was about to occur.

~End of Flashback~

He was banished from the Nation after that, he had insulted a General... his father fought him, leaving him the most nastist scar I have ever seen. I never saw him after that and never heard what he wanted to tell me. I had to leave the castle as Iwas of no use anymore, I lived on the streets for many years, no one would help or take in a orphan. I am still stuck on the streets now, all I have now is this diary to write all my memories of the Prince who helped and loved me even though he was my master.



I turned around to find my masters large grin directed at me, his hand full of the most vibrant tulips and daisies.

"Um.. yes?" I replied, slightly confused about this conversation.

"I have a surprise for you!... oh! yeah! and these are for you" He almost shouted, extending the arm full of flowers towards me.

I slowly took them out of his hand, thanking him quietly. I was about to walk away to place the flowers in vase when I was dragged out of the door towards the fields, hands covering my eyes. Once we reached the outdoor space, his hands fell from my face. I breathed in the fresh air and slowly opened my eyes. My (e/c) orbs were meet with million of miles of lushous grass and colourful, rich flowers. The last thing that caught my eye was the small picnic blanketa couple of feet away from me, it was filled with many snacks and treats, including your favourites. I had to raise my hand to cover my mouth from utter shock, no one ever done anything like this for me, it was causing tears to form in my eyes. I turned to Zuko, his smile slightly fell due to the sight of me crying. He took a step towards me.

"Don't cry, please. I did this for you. You deserve it." He stated as he put a hand on my cheek and kissed my forehead.

Still full of shock, I kiis his cheek as a sign of thank you.

~End of Flashback~

That is my favourite memory and nothing will ever beat it.

I put my pen down and finish writing about some of my child hood in my little notepad.  This has started to become a regular thing for me, it reminds me of better times in my life, before I ended up on this street. Recently there is much uproar over rumors about the bannished Prince, Zuko, joining with the Avatar to fight against his father, Fire Lord Ozai. Knowing Zuko, he probably has teamed up with the Avatar, dispite searching for him for years so that he could restore his honour, because he is a man who wanted peace from a young age though his father drove most of it out of him. I slowly stood up from the edge of the street, watching the people around me. A small group on the other side of the street caught my eye, they didn't look like locals, or even from the Fire Nation. There was about five of them and some monkey looking thing with big ears, walking quite slowly along the street towards a food stand. I was rather curious about them, so I decided to discretely follow them. I quickly ran acroos the road and kept a slight distance away from them. I wonder who they are, it is not everyday that I see a group of slightly strange and curious people just casually strolling down to some local stalls. Hey, where did they g-.

Next thing I know, i am on the ground with some man pointing a boomarang at me.

"o-oh! I'm sorry,"  I say quickly as I stand up, trying not to make the man more angry. Why did I walk straight into the group of people that i was following? This is not good "i wasn't looking where I was going" I passed the man and headed donw the street again acting like I was heading towards a destination, well that would be true is someone hadn't grabbed my wrist. I turned to see a tall, well-built man staring back at me, with a slightly surprised look on his face. That is when I noticed the scar.

"Z-Zuko?" I say in utter amazing, though his hand covers my mouth quickly.

"It's good to see you, (name)." A smile creeping on his face. "Though, I would not call me that in public. I don't want to be attacked be soilders and let you get hurt do I now"
Yet, I didn't care. I have found him again, my best friend and crush from my child hood, who I spend most of my day writing about and remember our beautiful moments and memories, is finally back here, next to me. My arms fly around him, my head resting on my chest.

"Y-Your back! I never forgot anything and I-I-I" I could not say much more through my tears. The other members of the group he was travelling with looked rather shocked, well apart from a small-ish girl with hair covering her eyes. His arms come around me, holding onto me, comforting and protecting me.

"Well, Zuko. I didn't know that you had a girlfriend back at home" Said a voice behind us, I could almost hear the smirk on his face.

I look up to find that man from before, looking me with slight interest.
"No, Sokka. She used to be my personal servant back when I lived in the Palace. Though she is my friend." He stated calmly, like he always used to.

"Well, we have to get back to camp, we can't stay here long" A girl spoke.
I Slowly loosened my grip on Zuko and stood back. The look on his face told me everything, I know that he can't stay here long but I don't want to be alone again. He slowly walked back to me, and whispered in my ear the words "Meet me in the field" and took his leave, me still standing in the middle of the street with a couple of happy tears still in my eyes.


It was almost midnight and I find myself sitting in the middle of the field, running my hands through the various types of flowers that grew here. Hands rest over my eyes, breath tickling my ear.

"It's good to see you again, (name)" The hands are removed from my eyes, as my name is spoken.

Zuko is standing there behind me, holding in his hands a bouquet of tulips and daisies just like before. I take the bouquet and go to kiss his cheek as a sign of thank you again, but instead I kiss him on the lips. It was a quick and sweet kiss, that will forever be cherished.
"It's good to see you again, as well" I reply, before he pulls me in for another kiss.
Part 2: [link]

This was requested by :icondarknessonmyeyes:, I hope you enjoyed it :D

This is my first XReader so I hope that it is good. Please give feedback :D
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RedRolfe Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This is very kawwaii- but I feel that the story would have run smoother if you had used (y/n) instead of (name)
funny-pyro-bunny123 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
awwww i found him
otakudreams139 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
OneTrueKismet Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014
it made me tear up. great job. I applaud you.
Moonlightgeeky Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you very much ^^
AngeltheforgottenRO Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
son of a nutcracker on crying big time
xxrinokumuraxx2001 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
Aww...this is very cute...and i know how you feel...this is very good :)
journster Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013   Traditional Artist
Aww, I barely read any reader inserts, but I think that this on is really good (you forgot a few letters in a few words. but its all good.) Is this your actual first reader insert? It's pretty good, but I bet that you have gotten better over the months.
Moonlightgeeky Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks you ^^ I properly need to edit this reader insert because I haven't had much of a chance. I yes it is my first reader insert and I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^
journster Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013   Traditional Artist
You're welcome :)
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